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Jan 17, 2010 6:30pm EST
reagan's appeal to main street america. >> i never quite understood it. in his adult life, he had been a well compensated actor is not a hugely successful. he had been well compensated for lecturing for the genal electric company. many separate people. >> he grew up extremely poor. his father was an alcoholic. he pinched pennies is an entire childhood and young adult life. he never forgot where he came from. he was always tied to his roots. he became a success, but never forgot his origins. >> the business of anecdotes, i have known people in government, particularly the department of energy, who would, out of having an audience with reagan and trying to explain something complex about how a nuclear reactor would work. that would come out and say that he was telling jokes. they were talking about aan opener. ronald reagan to be assistant secretary it was like the can opener. the assistant secretary said, oh, my god. there were people that have great concerns like that. >> that is how reagan dealt with people he did not want to make a decision about at the time, they were proposing a comp
Jan 29, 2010 6:00pm EST
representation. it is not well understood in america at all. >> it is not. the quickest explanation is it produces multi-party democracy. >> some time to many parties like in italy -- not in ireland, that is proportional, but it actually has three. >> you can fine-tune your democracy by setting what you call a victory threshold. how many parties. in the unites the states with a system that is democrat or republican in many districts and most districts are so non- competitive we can tell you who will wind. >> in short hand, first past the post. >> winner-take-all. >> it has worked very well in the uk. periodically the labour party says it will go to proportional representation and then they realized they may lose some of the viability and backs off it. there are a lot of use of europe and america that it is old, that it is bureaucratic beyond belief, that it is overtaxed, that people don't work hard enough, that it is not competitive, that for its defense it relies on us and that it is just as far down the track of having it manufacturing center china as anywherelse. how do you respond to
Jan 8, 2010 6:00pm EST
english, it is gone on since the 16th century, but in america traditionally it is something people did at halloween. but some lights out and have brandy on raisins. i have to tell you, though, and i have to make it very clear, please, do not do it with anything except brandy, rum, or other spirits. do not substitute lighter fluid or something else because you would have a fire and you will burn yourself and terrible things would happen and you may sue me, which would be a really, really bad thing to do. here i've got some raisins in this plate. it is not a cooking show, a political show. sometimes there is a bit of cooking in politics. you take some brandy. the brandy will not burn unless it is heated. i will put it into this here thing and heat it up. if all of this work to -- if not, you have to take my word that it does work. i went to the store and bought this yesterday. look at that. what did they make in china is astounding. just look at this. for those of us not watching this but listening on radio, i am heating up brandy in a little little in the kitchen. if it gets hot enough,
Jan 10, 2010 9:00am EST
writt about it. what are yr conclusions about american healtcare? out health care in america >> about th coverage of it? well, the covere of it really, coradictory answers. there has been a lot of superficial coverage, the kd of he said, she said coverag, of who the nationalities -- of to the persolities are, an issue that issubstantive and like healtcare. paradocally, some ofhe best coverage have seen some in these newspaps, that we say are dinosaur "the washingtopost," "the new york times," have often comes done a brilant job of putting intoontext the fferent aspectsof health care, whether it is the role of the insurance company, the docrs, etc., how they match, thatype of thing has been donin ways that i think arodd-inspirinby some of the writers and "e washington pt" and "the new york times." >> the reason why we condt that type of coverage is becse newspapers canee this issue ming along, and they assign tes ofeporters whommersed themselves in an issue, as opposed to getting the he said, see said-she said, that th things. that only a large well-funded news organization can do. >> i w
Jan 1, 2010 6:00pm EST
, the disintegration of yugoslavia, america's role there, and now you have come out with this book, "a country of vast designs: james k. polk, the mexican war, and the conquest of the american continent." and here we are, that book that i fail to remember the name of was a "sands of empire." i learned more than i had known before on the balkans. >> two chapters on the balkans. >> and very complete. tell me, why should i be interested in james k. polk? >> by lculation was that james capel collides in the black hole of america's consciousness. that james k. polk collide -- resides in the black hole of america's consciousness. my aim was to tell the story in as compelling away as possible. >> tell us, his presidency was just before the civil war? >> yes, he was eleed in 1844, served from 1845 to 1849. he was one of the youngest people elected president. he was 49, one of five presidents elected in their 40's. he gave up the presidency at age 53, from three died shortly thereafter. he literally worked himself to death. not the majority of our presidents have been more presidents. he was on
Jan 24, 2010 9:00am EST
deadly work around theorld, anhere was something very special. great america technogy, a great americanhip sailing to do nthing but good. i am so glad i was out in the mist theold and saw this inspiring sight, a hospital shi going to wor i have a wonderful program day with four of the bst commtators on politics in this very political time. we will be right back. >> "ite house chronicle" is produc in collaboration with whut, howardniversity televisi. no your program hos natially syndicated columnist llewellyn king, and -host linda gasparello. >>ello again, and thank yoso much for cing along. i promised you great guests, and great guests i have for you. lindaasparello, of this program. ani am very glad for the first time, and i hopeot for the st time as well, lauren ashburn of asurn media, o s had a very stinguished career with "usa today," with cbs news, and o now operates her own company. welcome to the show. >> thank you le to be here. >> it is always a pleasure to have you at the table. back bpopular demand, bob franke, the retirg, shy, hardly heardrom syndicated columnist, a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)